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1st: I never have time. So just in headlines :)

= About me =

* I love mason.
* I am currently developing a billing and database handling program in it, building on Request Tracker's technology (and extending it to be a lovely xmlized thing :)

= My projects =

[ShellForMason]: A shell around mason that allows the user to use mason from outside of apache.

And lots of others.

= My $0.2 =

I think there are two _HUGE_ problems with mason:

* 1st: that it is anything but trivial to figure out how to install it as a per-virtual server way

* 2nd: it has a steeper hill to climb for starting experience with it. So starters just stick with php.

I didn't think about the first one. I am actually planning to create a mason-starter package that adresses the second...

Best Regards,
Baldvin Kovacs