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% $m->comp('/tool/recurser.comp',filename => 'autonews.snip', execute => 'ok', collectall => 'ok');
% my $path = $m->comp('/tool/recurser.comp',filename => 'pleasegetit.html');

This is a simple script of mine, also influenced by
We use it to call components or search files through the file tree.
This is very useful to let the page inherit auto objects. The authors
only concentrate on a content object, and the rest is added by magic.

We use here autometa.snip, autoinfo.snip, autonews.snip as
automenu.snip. This makes sense, as long you have those not in a
database and you separate your themes strictly in different folders.

filename #required
execute => undef #mandatory if undef the path will be returend. With collectall the path is returnded as an arrayref.
collectall => undef #mandatory it takes all the file of the same name down the component root.
reverse => undef #mandatory changes the execution order from down top to top down.


my @folder = split('/',$m->base_comp->dir_path);
my @path = ();

while (@folder) {
$path = join('/',@folder)."/";
if ($m->comp_exists($path.$filename)) {
last if !$collectall;
@path = reverse @path if ($reverse);
if ($execute) {
for (@path) { $m->comp($_); }
else { $path[1] ? return \@path : return $path[0] }

$execute => undef
$collectall => undef
$reverse => undef

my $path;