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<&| test &> Hi There </&>

works great, of course, but suppose I wanted to use test from within perl. I can call the component as followed:

% $m->comp('/test')

But how do I specify the content?"


Although it isn't supported, you may do the following:

% $m->comp( {content=>sub {


% }}, '/test', %ARGS);

The area "inside" will then be executed by mason, as normal.. since this code is expecting a subroutine, if you want a little more control from the perl-side of things, you can use the following code:

% $m->comp( {content=>sub { $m->print ("INSIDE"); } },
'/test', %ARGS);

From DaveRolsky, "It might break in the future. This isn't documented as working,
and it may not continue to work in the future, because we might come up
with a better/different implementation of this feature."

It is also a simple matter to write a wrapper function or component to do this which either uses the <&| &></&> method or uses the above method.. if it DOES break as Dave suggests, you can easily modify your wrapper for the new behavior.

-- EricWindisch