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=== Does HTML::Mason have an official web site? ===
Yes, at http://www.masonhq.com.

=== Where do I obtain HTML::Mason? ===
HTML::Mason is available from CPAN (the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network). Details about CPAN are available at http://www.perl.com/. See the [FAQ:Installation] section of this document for tips on obtaining and installing Mason.

=== Where can I ask questions about HTML::Mason? ===
See ContactUs and MailingLists.

=== I think I've found a bug in Mason, what should I do? ===
Check the known bugs page at http://masonhq.com/resources/bugs.html to see if it's already been reported; simplify the example as much as possible to make sure it's really Mason (i.e. try doing the same thing with just mod_perl and see if it still happens); finally, send a report to the user's list.