Warning: These wiki pages have not been edited in years and may well be out of date/inaccurate. We recommend that you use them as a starting point for further investigation, rather than gospel.
First of all, there is a vast collection of wisdom about wikis at the WikiWikiWeb, e.g. try [NewUserPages]. Note that the traditional [TextFormattingRules] you'll see on WikiWikiWeb are different than the WikiFormattingRules used on our site, but otherwise most of the guidelines should apply.

*Navigation*: Page titles are WikiWords (mixed-case words). Click any page title to see a list of all pages WHIch link to the page. Every WikiWord in text is a link to a page with that title. See RecentChanges to keep track of modifications. This also seems to be the only built-in way to list all wiki pages (anyone?)

*Editing a page*: Just click the Edit button. When finished, you can preview your changes or just save if you're confident. If you're just experimenting with wiki formatting, please use the SandBox.

*Creating a new page*: There are two easy ways to create a page.
0 Create a WikiWord link on an existing page, and then follow the link.
0 Go to the NewPage page, copy it to a new name and replace its content.

*Signing your work*:
Before creating or editing your first page we recommend that you create a KwikiUserName, which is just your name as a WikiWord (e.g. JonathanSwartz or AlfredENewman). Then sign your pages or your comments with two dashes, a space, and your name - e.g. "-- JonathanSwartz". This will make the wiki so much more useful and friendly. Besides, don't you want credit for your contributions?