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Mason fan

About me:

The mason site I'm working for:

A simple browsing component:


A component to turn your output in javascript output (nice to make widgets):


A quick, dirty and extremely handful mason component checker:


How to call component with content from perl:


A simple Mason::ApacheHandler subclass (with custom error page):

package MY::MasonHandler ;

use strict ;
use HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler ;

use base qw/HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler/;

sub new{
my ($class) = shift ;
return $class->SUPER::new(@_);

sub handle_request{
my ($self,$r) = @_;
my $return = eval { $self->SUPER::handle_request($r) };

if ( my $err = $@ )
$r->pnotes( error => $err );
$r->filename( $r->document_root . '/error/500.html' );

return $self->SUPER::handle_request($r);

return $return;


Then in apache:
PerlModule MY::MasonHandler

And instead of

PerlHandler HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler

PerlHandler MY::MasonHandler

In page 500.html, you can use pnote to find and display the error message.