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How to create a javascript tree menu from a mason comp
(see http://www.dnolan.com/code/js/listmenu/)


== Recursive component

<%def .menu_list>
$classLI => 'next'
% while(@$list) {
% my $titre = shift(@$list);
% my $lien = shift(@$list);
% if(ref $lien eq 'ARRAY') {
<li class="<% $classLI %>">
<a href="#"><% $titre %></a>\
<ul><& .menu_list, list => $lien &></ul></li>
% } else {
<li><a href="<% $lien %>"><% $titre %></a></li>
% }
% } # foreach

== Component call

You have to pass one parameter : a arrayref containing your menu structure.

my @menu = ( 'Item1' , 'link1',
'Item2' , 'Sub1' , [ 'Sitem1' , 'link', 'Sitem2', 'link']

<ul><& .menu_list, list => \@menu, classLI => 'treenode' &></ul>

Or...(which i use) from a YAML file:

use YAML qw/DumpFile LoadFile/;

my $menu;
eval {
$menu = LoadFile($m->base_comp->source_dir . '/menu.yml');

<ul><& .menu_list, list => $menu, classLI => 'treenode' &></ul>

== Notes

You can (and must!) modify this little comp to suite your needs. It can be used for a variety of menus based on <ul><li><ul>...</ul>.

classLI is not mandatory, and must be used if you need to specify a css class for <LI> tags.

== Why not a hash?

Because you can't determine the order from which hashkeys will be displayed.
You can sort the keys, but it's not always needed! Arrays will be displayed in the order you push elements in.

Hope it can be useful. Suggestions appreciated!