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As discused in
there is a problem when you try to limit the upload file Size of a POST Request.
The reason for this is that the $r Object in your mason code is already
checked from Mason::ApacheHandler.
There is no way to pass the needed option POST_MAX => yourFileSize to $r.
It's too late for that.

So the suggestion was to create your own My::ApacheHandler like this:

package My::ApacheHandler;

use base 'HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler';

sub prepare_request {
my $self = shift;
my $r = shift;
my @args;

my $post_max = $r->dir_config( 'MAH_POST_MAX' );
unless( $post_max =~ /^none/ ) {
push @args, POST_MAX => $post_max;

Apache::Request->instance( $r, @args );

return $self->SUPER::prepare_request( $r, @_ );


And in yout httpd.conf do this for your locations:

PerlHandler My::ApacheHandler
<Location /foo>
PerlSetVar MAH_POST_MAX 1024
<Location /bar>
PerlSetVar MAH_POST_MAX none

This will do the right stuff for your need:

example mason code:

my $status = $r->parse;
if ($status) {
print "Too big";
print "OK";


I often write my own handler subroutine that looks like this:

package MyApp::Handler

use HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler;

sub handler
my $r = shift;

my $max_upload_size_mb = 5;

my $apr = Apache::Request->instance( $r, POST_MAX => (1024 ** 2) * $max_upload_size_mb );

return HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler->handler($apr);

-- DaveRolsky