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There are several mailing lists for Mason now. If you are just starting out,
we recommend the mason-users list, which is most general and most suited
to new users. Browse through the archives to get a feel for the list
before posting.

All lists are hosted at sourceforge and archived at MARC, among other
places. Thanks to Hank Leininger and others for an excellent archive

NNTP versions of these mailing lists are available at Gmane, thanks to
Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen.

| [mason-users] | Questions, installation problems, bug reports, job and site announcements, other general discussion. YouMustBeSubscribedToPost. | [Archives] | [NNTP] |
| [mason-announce] | Official announcements from the Mason team. These are always cc'd to mason-users, so you need not subscribe to both. Very low traffic. (read-only except for core developers) | [Archives] | [NNTP] |
| [mason-devel] | In-depth discussions about new development directions, proposed features, implementation details. YouMustBeSubscribedToPost. | [Archives] | [NNTP] |
| [mason-checkins] | CVS context diffs for all checkins to the Mason repository. (read-only) | [Archives] | - |
| [modperl] | Official mod_perl list; a better place to post for issues that are not Mason specific. | [Archives] | - |