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Hi Gang, I was hoping I could get a pie-in-the-sky overview of Mason and Perl6. Yes, I know I'm jumping the gun by a lot, but it's the weekend... time to sit back, relax, and think big without actually having to do anything about the big thoughts.

I'm guessing that by the time Perl 6 is in moderately wide use the level of Apache2 adoption for Mason users will also be relatively high.

Is the thought that if it were to use Perl6 Mason would run in Apache2 using something like Mod_Parrot? If so, does the development roadmap look like this:

* Finish Parrot
* Get Ponie (Perl5 on Parrot) working
* Get Perl6 on Parrot working
* Get Mod_Parrot working in Apache2
* Port Mason Modules to Perl6

I'm a little confused about the details, but would love to learn more.

Please feel free to refactor this page into more of an answer and less of a question if you feel so inclined. Cheers --GordonMcCreight


The idea of "porting" Mason to Perl 6 may or may not make sense. Perl 6 may be different enought that things we do in Mason one way would be better done another way. This might take a while to discover, as Perl 6 idioms aren't going to develop over night.

Also, since Perl 6 is supposed to run Perl 5 as well, it might be possible to use the Perl 5 Mason core code, but write your components using Perl 6.

But what it really comes down to is that I don't think we have any real plans related to Perl 6, because it's a long ways away at this point.

-- DaveRolsky


Thanks for the insight Dave. From the look of things you're absolutely right about Perl 6 still being a long ways off. I was in the gym about a year ago (here in Mountain View, CA), and to my extreme surprise Larry Wall was doing crunches next to me. Perhaps he was attempting to increase Perl's core strength. ;)

-- GordonMcCreight


I'm sure we'll do a pretty significant overhaul of Mason for Perl 6. Perhaps it'll be called Mason 2.0. Some of the core code has been around awhile and is due for a cleaning anyway, so this'll provide a good excuse. Perl 6 will have better (or just different) ways to do a lot of things.

-- JonathanSwartz