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I personally have been using a couple of accounts on hosting because it is cheap and has lots of space, plus download speeds seem reasonable from Oceania.

I was wondering how to get HTML::Mason going, and I finally did, albeit via CGI. (They don't support mod_perl.. I asked and they replied so).

So how did I do this?

First I downloaded HTML::Mason from CPAN, and unzipped it. I then uploaded the /lib directory contents to my account (I created a directory called /lib/perl/mason on my ipowerweb account and put it all there).

Then I followed the instructions in:

i.e. I created an exact replica of mason_handler.cgi and put it in my /public_html/cgi-bin directory. I added the following line to my mason_handler.cgi file:

use lib $ENV{"DOCUMENT_ROOT"} . "/../lib/perl/mason";

(if I didn't do that then it wouldn't find my Mason libraries).

Actually, my mason_handler.cgi file looked like the following:


use lib $ENV{"DOCUMENT_ROOT"} . "/../lib/perl/mason";
use HTML::Mason::CGIHandler;

my $h = HTML::Mason::CGIHandler->new(
data_dir => '/tmp/mason_data',
allow_globals => [qw(%session $u)],


I then created a .htaccess file and put it in my chosen MASON directory (/public_html/mason). That file contained the following:

<FilesMatch "\.html$">
Action html-mason /cgi-bin/mason_handler.cgi
SetHandler html-mason

Order allow,deny
Allow from all

<FilesMatch "(autohandler|dhandler)$">
Order allow,deny
Deny from all

Everything was ready to serve HTML::Mason .html files in /public_html/mason. But one problem: the ipowerweb server needed a few more modules.

No worries, I went to CPAN and found the following native perl modules and put them in my /lib/perl/mason directory:

Params/ *
Params/ *

(the files marked with a * are those that I downloaded from CPAN and used the command perl Makefile --pm to force native perl code generation).

Bingo, all works.. now serves MASON files from /public_html/mason!