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A CPAN namespace for Mason eXtensions that don't belong in the core, e.g. [ MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession], which adds session support.

The name was borrowed from the DBIx hierarchy.

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Modules in this namespace include:

* [ MasonX::Interp::WithCallbacks] - Trigger callbacks before component execution based on the query string and POST parameters.

* [ MasonX::Lexer::MSP] - A more ASP/JSP-like syntax for Mason.

* [ MasonX::Profiler] - Profile component execution times.

* [ MasonX::Resolver::CVS] - component path resolver for components in CVS. Currently, this subclass only supports local CVS repositories. As such, it is able to deliver component source without checking the files out into a working directory. Future versions will keep a working copy checked out in the document root and will support remote repositories.

* [ MasonX::Resolver::PAR] - This is a custom Mason Resolver which loads its content from a PAR archive. This is meant to be used in conjunction with Apache::PAR. Read the description for this module first. The web.conf above should be inside the par archive as specified by Apache::PAR. It will be appended to your apache conf.

* [ MasonX::Resolver::Polyglot] - A resolver that supports internationalization.

* [ MasonX::Request::ExtendedCompRoot] - Allows you to call components in a specific component root.

* [ MasonX::Request::HTMLTemplate] - Another alternative syntax for Mason.

* [ MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession] - integrate Apache::Session into the Mason request object, allowing you to configure a session along with the rest of Mason, and providing an $m->session() method. Also includes [ MasonX::Request::WithMultiSession], which allows for multiple "sub-sessions" inside a single parent session.

* [ MasonX::WebApp] - code that works with Mason to let you do processing before Mason is called.