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A long time ago, on a www site (http://maztravel.com/) far far away, I
made the mistake of using very bad names for some of my static files.
For example, in a page that reviewed restaurants in Mazatlan, Mexico,
I was stupid enough to call it RESTRNT.HTM rather than
restaurants.html, which is much easier to remember and type.
Unfortunately, thanks to the wonders of search engines, my mistakes
are forever enshrined in their indexes, as well as www sites around
the world that happened to link to me while *I was such dutz.* I used
to try to keep everything in order using symlinks, but after learning
about Mason, I found a much easier way. You've probably already
thought of this, but just in case you haven't, here is an easy way to
/solve the missing link problem./

In the directory in which you want to *correct* this problem, create a
dhandler component like this:

my $uri = $ENV{REQUEST_URI};
my @uri = split(/\//,$uri);
shift @uri; # get rid of leading /
my $file = lc(pop @uri); # I wish I never used UPPER CASE!
if ( $file =~ m/(\w+)\.s?html?/) { # get file name portion
$file = $mapping{$1} || $1; # map bad name to good name
$file .= '.html'; # and add .html to the end
push @uri,$file;
my $location;
my $redirect_file;
foreach my $dir (['put', 'your', 'directories' ],
[ 'where', 'things', 'are', 'now']k
['here/so/that' , 'we/can/find/them']
) {
$redirect_file = File::Spec->catdir('/base/directory/of/DocumentRoot/',
if (-e $redirect_file) {
$location = '/' . join('/',@$dir,@uri);
$location = '/missing.html' unless (-e $redirect_file); # It just isn't there

my %mapping =
qw( old_file_name new_file_name);


I assume you've already loaded File::Spec in your startup routine. Of
course you should adapt this to fit your needs, but you get the basic
idea. All of a sudden, a bunch of no longer valid !URLs become valid,
and a lot of 404 errors disappear from my server log. Life is good.

-- HenryLaxen