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In versions earlier than Mason 1.27, your best bet is start with Beau Cox's handler for Apache/mod_perl 2.0 here:

This is a follow up to this how-to:
(archived in case the above is down)
There is apparently a problem using $m->redirect on Apache/mod_perl 2.0. See ApacheModPerl2Redirect for a description and patch.

The GlobalRequest option is supposed to ensure that $r is available, but apparently it is (or was until recently) buggy. You may see this in the logs when running Mason:

[error] Global $r object is not available. Set:
PerlOptions +GlobalRequest
in httpd.conf.

BeauCox says: "StasBekman at mod_perl has given me a temp fix to allow running mod_perl-1.99-09-dev (cvs) with mason using a startup script; near the top of the script, add these lines:"

# temp fix for mp2-09... make a dummy Apache->request
require Apache::RequestUtil;
no warnings 'redefine';
my $sub = *Apache::request{CODE};
*Apache::request = sub {
my $r;
eval { $r = $sub->('Apache'); };
# warn $@ if $@;
return $r;

On the other hand, PerrinHarkins on the mod_perl list responds to the same problem with: "Make sure you have the very latest CGI.pm. There were some changes related to mod_perl 2 recently."
Users of recent versions of Red Hat or Fedora (which include Apache and mod_perl 2) should look at MasonAndRedHat and/or MasonAndFedora. -- StevenPritchard

A note from FurkanKirac about parameter passing in mod_perl 2 on RedHat 9:

Recently I had asked you about a parameter passing problem. I defined the problem and found a solution and wanted to let you know about it.

Problem was the buggy ModPerl 1.99_07 that came with RedHat 9 distribution. It is so buggy that it truncates the parameters passed to it by POST methods! So for example you pass a string of length 360 like


The environment contains the content-length as 360 correctly, but when you read STDIN for the parameters you most probably get less than 360 bytes, which means that some parameters are lost.

So this is not related to a bug in mason, but in perl. Therefore using $m->cgi_object->param or param directly doesn't matter.

What I did is to upgrade the Apache from 2.0.40 to 2.0.48 (which is needed to upgrade modperl), and all its modules (damn it took ages)
Then I upgraded modperl to 1.99_10. And CGI.pm to 3.00 (this is also important). That solves the problem.

Hope you don't have to work on a Red Hat 9 server before it comes with production release components. But if you have to, then take my word and update modperl to its last version along with CGI.pm.

Using a custom handler, my session handler looks something like this:

use Apache::compat;

(lots of generic and application-specific stuff)

my $ah = new HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler (
comp_root => $somedir,
args_method => 'CGI',
data_dir => '/var/mason/data');

That should be sufficient for those using custom handlers.

Windows users can try ApacheModPerl2OnWin32. You get to keep the many, sharp pieces if it breaks :)
If you get an error

Can't locate Apache/Constants.pm in @INC

It's looking for the mod_perl 1 module Apache::Constants, whose functionality is in Apache::Const in mod_perl 2. Try one of the following:

1. Replace

use Apache::Constants qw( REDIRECT );

near the top of HTML/Mason/ApacheHandler.pm by

use Apache::Const -compile => qw(:common);

And then replace any occurrences of REDIRECT by Apache::REDIRECT.


use Apache2;
use Apache::compat;

in a mod_perl startup file, but this will slow things down.

A few times I've gotten the error above and found it was due to having mod_perl 1.29 with Apache2. It can be resolved by removing mod_perl from perl.


Once removed I simply did an 'apt-get install perl-HTML-Mason' and it worked fine afterwards.


=> *As of Mason 1.27 (released 10/28/2004), there is support for Apache/mod_perl 2.0 in the core Mason code.* <=