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This is a page where you can request a component you need but don't want to write yourself or perhaps you can't write it yourself.

Maybe someone's written it already!

List it here.

==== Rename this page as "Wishlist" ====

I would like to see this page renamed as "Wishlist".
Calling it "Requests" makes it sound like it has something
to do with http requests.

==== Mason components that leave tracks ====

I'd like a way to have every mason component leave tracks in the
output html in the form of comments that explain which mason
component generated the following content. The idea is that anyone who looks at the generated html should see immediately which file
they need to edit to fix a problem in the output.

==== Popup date selector ====
A module that inserts a button that open a popup with a calendar where you can select a date.
RT has this, not sure how portable it is.

==== Mason wiki ====
A mason implementation of wiki

==== Page load progressbar ====
Show a progressbar while a big page is loaded in the background

==== Syntax Highlighter for Mason ====

Well, I did it myself. It's available on CPAN as