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The Perl and Mason code that operates this site is open source. You can obtain this code from SVN:

svn co MasonHQ

The site requires Mason 1.16 or above. Also, importing the "content" download (mentioned below) into mysql appears to have a dependency on mysql (or greater?).

===== Uses

If you're a first-time Mason developer, use this as an example

If you like a particular feature of Mason HQ, copy the code and adapt
it to your use.

If you want add a feature to Mason HQ, create and submit a patch.
Write to the "mason-devel developer's list"
first to get feedback on your idea. Send your completed patch to the developer's list.

===== Running the site

See the INSTALL file for instructions. To fully operate the site
you'll need a set of content files and a sample database dump.

Check MasonHQSourceInstallation on how Mason HQ code was installed for an infranet site.

===== License

This source may be used and distributed under the same conditions
as Mason itself. See [License].