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= About me =
I'm Uwe Simon from Germany.

My special subjects are databases, here especial oracle (http://www.oracle.com ). I startet with oracle 5.? about 14 years ago.
I'm familiar with mysql (http://www.mysql.com ), DB2 ( http://www.ibm.com/db2 ), Ingres and some other databases too.

My first web application was a tool to manage some hundred oracle databases.
I developed it 1998 for the oracle application server using oracle pl/sql
and it's still running. I have also developed some web applications
in Apple !WebObjects ( http://www.apple.com/webobjects/ ) using Java and oracle databases.

My first HTML::Mason application was a managing application
for our private home library of about 1300 books. I also use a HTML::Mason application to manage my private money investments.

= Current project =
== Description ==
Last year I startet to develop a generator which
generates HTML::Mason applications from a existing database structure (perhaps DB2Mason is a good name).
The tables, columns and foreign keys are used as input. The output
are HTML::Mason components.

It's database independent and I tested it with
* DB2
* mysql

This generator uses templates for the different forms.
It generates forms for
* search
* edit/create/delete
* list

The templates use some javascript stuff to
* validate input
* handle a treeview
* show a calendar
* show a tabbed view

The templates supports role based user authorization.
This is very similar to the privileges used in databases.

I implemented a multi lingual support and some Perl packages to support all this stuff.

== Next steps ==
* Now I work on an the installation for all this stuff and the documentation. If I have a first version I will publish it here.

* Testing the new oracle 10g.