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This site is a wiki, which means that you can edit its pages and create new pages right from your browser.

*Navigation*: Page titles are WikiWords (mixed-case words). Every WikiWord in text is a link to a page with that title.

*Browsing*: You can browse [http:/browse/all_nodes.html all pages] and [http:/browse/recent_changes.html recent changes].

*Searching*: The search box in the upper left combines search results from wiki titles, wiki content, [http:/docs/manual documentation], [FAQ], and [http:/resources/bugs.html known bugs]. Or click on the page title to search for that title.

*Editing a page*: Just click the Edit link to the left, and follow the WikiFormattingRules. Please use the SandBox for experimentation.

You can also Edit as File to download and edit the page in your favorite editor.

*Creating a new page*: Click the Create New Page under the Wiki menu to the left.

===== Why aren't certain pages editable?

Pages that haven't been wiki-fied include:

* Those that implement wiki functions themselves.
* Those that contain dynamic content, such as [http:/resources/todo/ To-do List] and [http:/resources/bugs.html/ Known Bugs].
* Those that are taken straight from the Mason distribution, such as [http:/code/history.html Changes], [http:/about/credits.html Credits] and [http:/docs/manual/ Documentation].

===== Where can I find out more about wikis in general?

There is a vast collection of wisdom about wikis at the WikiWikiWeb, e.g. try [NewUserPages]. Note that the traditional [TextFormattingRules] you'll see on WikiWikiWeb are different than the WikiFormattingRules used on our site, but otherwise most of the guidelines should apply.

===== See also

* WikiImplementation
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