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Our MailingLists get hit with a large amount of spam every day (just like
most of your mailboxes, no doubt). Unfortunately, the version of mailman at SourceForge offers few spam protections and requires each questionable email to
be manually approved. This was generating a lot of tedium for the core team, and our reluctance to tend to the approval process was causing many-day delays for emails.

So, we are now automatically rejecting any non-subscriber emails with a [ cron script] that runs every few hours. If you want to post to the lists, you'll have to subscribe with the same email address. You can subscribe here:



Note that you do *not* have to receive email when subscribed - just edit your preferences for the list and check "Disable mail delivery". So "subscribing" can be just a way of registering your name and getting past the spam filter.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We remain hopeful for a Utopian future when spam is eliminated (or greatly curtailed) and we can loosen this policy.