Install cpanminus (cpanm) if you haven't already. Then run
> cpanm -S --notest Poet
This will install Poet and its dependencies, including Mason.
  • Omit the "-S" if you don't have root, in which case cpanminus will install Poet and prereqs into ~/perl5.
  • Omit the "--notest" if you want to run all the installation tests (will take about x4 as long).

Quick Start

Once you've installed Poet, create your initial environment:
> poet new MyApp my_app/.poet_root my_app/bin/app.psgi my_app/bin/ ... Now run 'my_app/bin/' to start your server.
Then start your server:
> my_app/bin/ Running plackup --Reload ... --env development --port 5000 Watching ... for file updates. HTTP::Server::PSGI: Accepting connections at http://0:5000/
For more, see Poet::Manual::Tutorial.

Source code

The latest source code is on github: jonswar/perl-mason and jonswar/perl-poet.